Meant to write.

I really wanted to write something meaningful today, but it’s 1am and I need to sleep.

Lots of thoughts, and I will write up a thoughtful piece for in the next couple of days. I’m inventing a theory I call Independent Collectivism that I am eager to share.

I spent a day in Florence and one in Venice. Fantastic times!

Too many ideas swirling around. How to sum it all up in a post? I really have grown so fond of my fellow travelers. Having a group of people across the organization aligned in this experience is in itself an accomplishment and should prove to bring some good action back with us.

I add this one photo from a session with a union yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Meant to write.

  1. Really enjoying your posts, William – sounds like you're soaking it up like a sponge (good to know we're getting our money's worth (and from the sounds of things, then some…) Say hi to Geoff and Jan for me.

  2. Debbie Bywater

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop…sounds like you are having an amazing learning experience!

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