Rob Cottingham is smarter than any of us.

Rob CottinghamI’ve written about my friend Rob Cottingham before. He scribes the fantastic web 2.0 cartoon Noise To Signal, which I’ve written about recently.

Rob gave the keynote at this year’s Northern Voice, Vancouver’s major blogging and social media conference. I wasn’t able to be at NV09, but I knew when Rob’s keynote started, because I saw Twitter light up with fantastic praise, reviews and general hilarity.

Here’s how his keynote was described:

Rob Cottingham takes a lightning tour through both the intentionally and accidentally hilarious sides of social media, with a presentation that’s half stand-up comedy, half provocative treatise, and half meditation on why he can never get fractions to add up properly.

He is just a truly funny man. Not just anyone could riff for twenty minutes on what makes social media funny. Rob can.

So I am very excited that his keynote is now available for embedding, because I was truly bummed to have missed it.

With no further ado, here, my friends, is Rob Cottingham’s keynote addresss, “Teh Funny” (enjoy!):

You can also download this clip to your iPod.

PS: Rob can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, his blog and his Social Signal blog. It is my intention that within this single blog post you will go from not knowing who Rob is, to being intrigued, finding out more, learning all about him and then becoming totally sick of him. You’re welcome.

PPS: The quality of this broadcast is phenomenal. See how it was done.

Thoughts at xmas.

It ain’t easy making a funny video, and this season I’ve been sent lots of agency produced holiday ecards that invariably fall short (no offense). The ideas always seem better in the office than in the clients’ inbox.

And yet here’s one from The Loomis Agency in Dallas. I don’t know them, but they’ve got a winner here:

Always helps to mix disco lights and sock puppets (and be topical)…

Enjoy and happy xmas.