Where we spend our time.

In our time here, we had three lectures by Stafano Zamagni, professor of cooperative economics at the University of Bologna. He is a leading economics scholar.

On Monday evening we all had dinner at his summer home in the hills outside Bologna. That day he had been in Rome meeting with Prime Minister Berlusconi about economic models that could relieve the economic crisis in Italy. It was pretty amazing that his day consisted of meeting with the Prime Minister to debate economic policy and spending the evening with a bunch of cooperators from Vancouver.

The next morning was to be our last lecture with him. But our schedule was changed and he was moved his lecture to the afternoon, and then, when the time came, he was an hour late for our lecture. The reason? He was in Rome again meeting with the Pope to work with him on his upcoming encyclical on poverty.

That has got be one of the best excuses for running late I’ve ever heard.

And it got me thinking: Who do we make time for in life? Here’s a busy man, meeting with the head of state one day and the Pope the next and yet he doesn’t cancel his sessions with us. He sees the value of his time spent with us.

Are there groups in your community that are worthy of your time but somehow never get it? Are there small cooperatives running on a shoestring that are doing good work but struggling that could use our help as credit unions?

That balance between what is large and what is small, but seeing the importance in each is pretty powerful.

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  1. "That has got be one of the best excuses for running late I've ever heard."

    I intend to use that one at our next department meeting.

  2. Hi William,
    Sounds like you guys are having a great time and learning a lot at the same time.

    The example of Stafano's comittment is not only a reflection of his values but provides an example for what Vancity should value in spreading the co-operative message, "Grassroots"!!. History has proven that no movement, whether political or social, is successful without the support from proletariat. So my suggestion for you and the rest of the particpants is to learn about the ways that were employed by local businesses, politicians and community to bring the masses on board. Hopefully by utilizing similar methonds we can create a mass movement here within Vancity and community at large to "Redefine Wealth"…

    Have Fun !!!!!!

  3. Thanks Nasir and STMF2 (whoever you are)!

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