Common questions about RSS.

I have had a few people tell me recently that they check out my blog, but don’t subscribe to my RSS feed because they don’t quite get what RSS is.
It’s a common problem. RSS is one of those things that’s easy once you try it, but is hard to explain.
And so, I refer you to the following video by the amazing people at Common Craft. If you ever run across a social media concept that you don’t understand, keep Common Craft in mind because they produce these helpful, simple videos that explain sometimes complex solutions.
Watch and enjoy!

By the way, this clip can be found here.

UPDATE: I should mention, you can always click this button to subscribe to my feed.

Credit Union Innovators.

I was honoured to be included in EverythingCU’s list of Credit Union Innovators this week. Morriss Partee, whom I met at the Washington Credit Union League Annual Conference, compiled the list.

The list includes many of my favourite industry blogs, including:
CUES Skybox
Filene Research Institute
OpenSource CU
NetBanker – Jim Bruene
Marketing ROI – Ron Shevlin
True Stories – Doug True
Life and Times of a CU Employee – Robbie Wright
Currency Marketing – Tim McAlpine
Tinfoiling – Gene Blishen
Black Rock Federal – Jesse Robbins

Here is the link to the list’s aggregated RSS feed.


I was going through my RSS feed, and came across Robbie Wright’s The Life and Times of a Credit Union Employee. I always enjoy Robbie’s perspective, even more so since meeting him at BarCampBankSeattle.

He started a discussion about a master RSS aggregator of all the bank and CU related blogs. In the good comment thread that ensued Mark from the The Garland Group, who was also at BarCampBankSeattle, posted about his new project called Banktastic whih does exactly that.

Nice work Mark, a blog roll for all of us! Thanks for including me. I even added it to my blogroll.