Photos for Vancity employees.

I hear that some of my photos are ending up on our intranet, so here are some more of my colleagues and friends whom I get to work with…

At a social coop focusing on integrating people with disabilities, addictions and prison records back into society.

A print shop focused on helping to integrate those with disabilities.

At a winemaking coop.

Randy Johal at a workers coop focused on property management.

A fun moment at a Zemagni lecture.

At a coop making concrete.

At a transport coop.

3 thoughts on “Photos for Vancity employees.

  1. Lisa Randolph

    Looks like a great group of people, William. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ellen Pekeles

    Hi William,
    I am just back from holiday and what a joy to read through all your blogs. Gives me a great picture of your evolution of thought from before leaving and day by day new insights. Particulalry love every time you mention Amy and Ivan. Because I have experienced Bologna for two consecutive years, your comments, observations, and photos just make me smile. I can only imagine how hard it is to find the time to blog so comprehensively, so your effort to do so is greatly appreciated. Thank you. I can't wait to hear from everyone when you get back and to adapt your learnings and ideas for action to ultimately translate our vision into action. All 15 staff have an incredible role to play upon your return to help other colleagues see the incredible gift we have of being a cooperative, yet barely scraping the surface of possibilities. I am still on European time so at this momemt it is probably close to dinner time on a Sunday in Bologna and many of you are back from a wonderful weekend exploring other parts of Italy. Three days left in the program and a wonderful dinner at Stefano and Vera's home tomorrow night. It will be a special evening of Zamagni generosity over great food and great discussion about what you have learned and what you will bring back to Vancity, Vancouver and BC. Enjoy the rest of your trip and safe travel back. el pek

  3. Thanks Lisa!

    I am so glad to get your comment, Ellen. It is truly something to be experienced.

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