My book, Everything I Learned About Leadership I Learned From Filmmaking is an exploration of the similarities, overlaps and parallels between the art and craft of making films and the practice of leading people, teams and organizations. At heart, it’s about inspiring creativity at work and in life by harnessing passion and curiosity as a creative approach to leadership and management.

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I worked on this book on and off since I gave a talk at a conference in Nashville way back in 2012 about the lessons I learned from my dozen years as an independent filmmaker and draw on everyday as a people leader.

I believe it is useful to several kinds of people:

  • Leaders who want to bring a more creative approach to their leadership.
  • People who want to move into leadership positions, or have greater influence in their workplace and want a different perspective than they might find in many business and leadership books.
  • Those in the film and creative industries who want to approach their leadership differently, whether they formally lead people, or want to take on a leadership role amongst those they work with.
Holding a copy of my new book.

I hope you get the same joy from reading it as I did from writing it. And if you liked it, please leave a review on GoodReads or where you bought it, post it on social media and tell a friend.