2009 is finally over.

In 2008, as the financial crisis was beginning, I remember thinking that it was going to be an amazing learning experience working at a financial institution through an economic crash.

Well, it turns out I was right.

The last eighteen months or so have been challenging, fascinating, frustrating and highly educational. I have been able to make progress on some amazing initiatives that perhaps I otherwise might not have, and watched others slow down to a crawl. I have learned a lot about my own abilities and limitations as well as my sense of intuition and common sense.

And then, just in the last couple of months, things have begun to shift. Things are getting clearer and easier. It’s very much like a fog has been lifted, and I can see the horizon again.

And I wonder if any of you have felt the same way.

One thought on “2009 is finally over.

  1. Matt, the Credit Union Warrior

    Sounds like we've had very similar experiences. I've just as enlightened and encouraged as I have been frustrated and confused. More than anything, I hope the past two years have allowed us to refocus on the important things, not the noise.

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