My morning with Colbert.

Today was awesome. No other way to describe it. It is exhilarating to have the world come to Vancouver, and feel the great energy and vibe the city has going on.

I have been particularly excited about Stephen Colbert’s impending visit to Vancouver. My brother-in-law and friend, Eric is a writer on the show. Eric and I go way back, we were friends in high school, and traveled Europe together, and I’m married to his sister. Eric came with the crew here for the filming during the Olympics, and he was generous enough to let us into the VIP section this morning.

He was also the warmup act for the crowd to get them pumped before Colbert came out. It was exciting to watch him perform before a crowd of thousands in the city he went to high school in. Cool stuff.

The taping took place in the park literally across the street from my work. I asked a co-worker (whose meeting I skipped out on to go to the taping) to take a picture from our floor. Not sure how many people were there, but it must have been a few thousand by the time it started.

The camera guy was nice enough to take our camera and take some pictures of the crowd.

The set was great, and the backdrop was perfect. It was a glorious day here in Vancouver.

Our spot was amazing, and we had a great view of the whole thing. His guests were Michael Bublé and Bob Costas, who mounted a Moose used as a backdrop.

Many thanks to Eric for an unforgettable Olympic morning!

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  1. Colbert was awesome! We actually did a segment on Tourism BC when Colbert was here. Check it out

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