A whole ‘nother level of online community.

I love Open Source software. The self-organizing of people to collaboratively create something they feel is worthwhile is an amazing model.

I’ve written a lot about ChangeEverything.ca here, but I have never written much about Drupal, the platform CE was developed on. This week we launched a small bit of new functionality to the ChangeEverything community called nudge. It’s a fairly simple application:

…you use it to tell the creator of a change or the writer of a blog post that you’re inspired by what they’re doing… and you want to hear more. Click it, and ChangeEverything.ca instantly sends that person an email – including, if you want, a personal message from you.

But the thing I love most about it is that when we wanted to add this feature to the site, there wasn’t a module available that did this. So after custom-developing “nudge” for the CE community, we released it free to the world as a module for any Drupal site.

Now that’s community!

UPDATE: Here’s a post on the subject from Social Signal.

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