I can be a genius, but not most of the time.

Thanks to Ron Shevlin for this cute little bit of web fun. It’s called The Blog Readability Test, and it ranks your website according to the intellectual level of your writing.

When I input my homepage (www.azaroff.com), I get this:

But when I input my blog page (www.azaroff.com/blog), I get this:

My take is that it merely ranks the basic language I use and assesses it according to certain milestones of education. Simplicity is key, so I’m not offended, I want to be accessible.

A cute little tool. It also advertises something called cashadvance1500, which I removed in the code the tool spits out. This is a payday loan service, and is likely to be evil. So I need to give that caveat as well… Everything comes back to banking, doesn’t it?

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