$1,000 still gets attention.

On August 28th, I blogged about the ChangeSomething contest now running on ChangeEverything.ca. At the time, we had very little uptake on the contest, and I even wondered if this was going to be the first unsuccessful initiative we’d had on the site

Now that the contest has closed, I thought I’d chime in with an update. In the end, we had 18 contest finalists all submitted by members of the online community. Some of the entries generated excellent discussion.

Voting began on Friday, September 21, and now just 3 days later, the poll has 753 votes. Normally a poll on ChangeEverything.ca gets between 20 and 100 votes after a week or two. This is extraordinary. The winning entry takes the $1,000, so get voting.

Major kudos to Kate, the site’s moderator who helped keep this top of mind and build momentum, even when there appeared to be none. I’m looking forward to seeing which cause the community wants to give $1,000 to.

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