Doesn’t anyone want to give away $1,000?

It’s kind of odd. We may have hit the first unsuccessful initiative on

About a month ago we launched the ChangeSomething contest, in which we asked the community to blog about an organization worthy of awarding $1,000 to, and why. Since then we’ve had all of two responses.

So I ask my readers: Is there an organizations that could use $1,000 (CDN)? A place you give to, or volunteer at, or send your kids to, or buy chocolates from, or know a friend who works at, or have a family member who’s benefited from?

We’re just giving the money away and all you have to do is write one blog post. You have until September 14th – you’ll feel better if you do.

UPDATE: Even though I am ineligible for this contest, I just submitted an organization that helps those in need build assets. It’s called Future Foundations, and I blogged about them here.

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