Launch of the Co-op Water Cooler.

We are stronger together.

Co-op Water Cooler

We co-ops are a splintered bunch. Credit Unions tend to be isolated from the rest of the co-op world, food co-ops can be distinct from housing co-ops, who don’t know the electric co-ops, who don’t really interact with worker co-ops.

And yet society needs us. We are a big part of the solution to what ails our world of growing inequality, a polluted and warming environment, lack of access to local, healthy food, and jobs that don’t pay a living wage. And to transform our society to one that starts to heal these issues, we as cooperators need to be more connected. We need to learn from each other, engage, debate, discuss, and meet up.

So I am very exited to help launch the new Co-op Water Cooler. My hope is that this site can be part of the connectivity. I look forward to all the discussions we’re going to have with cooperators far and wide.

Hello and welcome!

2 thoughts on “Launch of the Co-op Water Cooler.

  1. That is a cool idea, Roland. The other editors are from all over North America, but there’s no reason we can’t have a co-op meetup here…

  2. great stuff i think it would be really cool if the co-op water cooler could also have a pop-up real world cafe a few times a year around metro vancouver

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