Why I want to be elected to the Modo Board.

I’m running for election to the Modo Co-operative Board of Directors. If you’re a Modo member, I’d love to earn your vote online or at the AGM.

If you’re not from around here, you may wonder, what’s Modo?

Modo is a not-for-profit carsharing co-operative incorporated in 1997 to foster carsharing and raise awareness about the benefits of sharing cars over individual ownership.

Modo Co-op

Why do I want to serve on the Board of Modo? Well, I have four main reasons, actually. Here’s my campaign video, and my reasons are spelled out below.

My first reason is that I’m a co-operator at heart. I love co-ops for their democratic and community ownership model, and have belonged to many co-ops over the years. I lived in a housing co-op, where I served on the Board as Treasurer, and currently work at Vancity, a financial co-operative and one of this area’s great supporters of co-op development. In 2009, Vancity sent me to Bologna, Italy to study co-ops with a few members of our staff, our Board and our community partners in a region where co-ops flourish and prosper. I believe I can help make Modo a stronger co-op.

My second reason is that I’m a digital leader. I worked as a digital strategist and producer for well over a decade, and for many years at Vancity I was the Director of Digital & Community Engagement where I oversaw online banking, our intranet, social media and other digital channels. My experience will serve me well at Modo because digital tools are crucial to members to book our cars and engage with Modo, and we support other car sharing co-ops through licensing our online booking system.

This is me at the party after last year's AGM.
This is me at the Modo party after last year’s AGM.

My third reason is my strong community investment experience. As Vancity’s Director of Business & Community Development I lead a team that invests Vancity’s assets in community projects, organizations, entrepreneurs and companies that contribute to a more equitable, sustainable and vibrant place to live and work. I understand the role Modo plays in our community ecosystem, shaping the transportation and community infrastructure required for a sustainable, inclusive future.

My fourth and final reason is that I’m very passionate about Modo. I strongly admire Modo’s brand focused on “disownership” – a brand that competes very effectively against larger corporate players. I am fascinated by the sharing economy, and I believe I can help Modo enable more people not to own a car of their own (or at least a second car), which is critical to reduce greenhouse gases and increase our region’s livability. I have been excited about being on the Modo Board for the past year since I attended last year’s AGM.

I’d be deeply honoured to be on the Modo Board if the members choose me to represent them. If you’re a Modo member, I do hope you’ll consider voting for me online or at the AGM.

Thank you,

8 thoughts on “Why I want to be elected to the Modo Board.

  1. Mr. William, I am not eligible to vote for you, but I guess I can endorse you? Consider this a theoretical vote from a prairie girl in a 3 vehicle family who feels guilty about the lack of transportation options provided in her living area. And secretly loves to drive big fancy fast motorized vehicles. Sigh.

    Seriously though, good luck. This role does look like a great fit for your personal and family values and lifestyle. I am sure you would be a hugely valuable Board member for Modo. Go William!

  2. I’m not eligible to vote, but I know your dedication to cooperatives and commitment to the prudent use of community resources, the value that comes to people who work together for a common purpose and the efforts to make the planet more livable however that can be attained. I wish you a win and look forward to hearing your effecting positive change.

  3. Thanks Bryce. I haven’t run for anything since I ran for school council in Grade 12. Kind of fun!

  4. Best of luck, William! Like Matt, you’d have my vote, too.

  5. You’re perfect for this role. Best of luck with the vote. (I wish I could vote for you).

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