My third post on values-based banking.


In June, I was lucky enough to be Vancity’s representative at a meeting of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values in Copenhagen. I have tried to sum up that experience in three posts on the Credit Union Water Cooler site.

The third and final post was published today. It’s called Citizen Bankers. Please take a look and leave a comment on the site if you have something to add or ask.

My first two posts were From Community-based to Values-based and The Banking Commons.

I’m humbled by my experience in Copenhagen with my Global Alliance colleagues – I am still unwrapping my lessons and the world of possibilities discovered during my time with them – and am very proud of these three posts.

As always, I welcome your thoughts on this final post

2 thoughts on “My third post on values-based banking.

  1. I recently applied for the ‘Communications Specialist’ position at Vancity and the more research I do on Vancity and its employees, the more I want it. Great post on Value-based banking and awesome to see that I have institutions in my neighborhood involved in creating a better world.

    • Thanks Tanveer. Glad to hear you enjoyed the post. I’m really proud of what Vancity is doing. Good luck with the application!

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