So little to say.

I have never let so much time go by without writing a blog post. Since Twitter came along, my output has definitely slowed down, even though I don’t tweet a whole heck of a lot. But lately I just haven’t had a lot to say.

My last post, about two open positions at Vancity’s AoR, Wasserman + Partners is so old, both positions have long since been filled. I write when I have something to say that requires the length of a blog post to get across, and it’s usually the result of some deep exploration I’m going through and want to discuss with all of you via my blog.

So the most troublesome thing about not blogging is that it seems clear that I haven’t been in exploring mode. Which is true. I have been in operations mode, which is far less conducive to philosophical questioning.

The main thing that took my focus in 2010 was the launching of a new intranet at Vancity, which brings social media inside the organization and creates an online network of our ~2,300 employees. That was major, and I’m very proud of the results, but it didn’t provoke much blogging.

So my personal wish for 2011 is that I am in a more philosophical, discovering mood and can use my blog as a vehicle for exploration.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Okay Tiven and Doug. I’ve worked up a pretty good overview of the new Vancity Intranet. I’ll publish the post early next week. Love to know what you think when you read it. Thanks for the push!

  2. Ron, you are awesome, what a nice way to frame this, and it captures how I’m feeling very well. I guess I feel it’s more difficult to open the curtain on operational decisions and challenges as a Vancity employee.

    You raise a good point and I’ll try to do this more.

  3. First off, I’m guessing that the issue isn’t that you “haven’t had a lot to say” as much as it is you haven’t felt that what you did have to say didn’t rise to the level of a “blog post.”

    I’m not surprised by your comments. Every period of technological innovation is followed by a period of technological implementation.

    The former is a period of exploration, theorizing over the potential impact of the technology, etc. A very “heady” period.

    The latter is a period of sweat and tears, and heads-down focus. A very “arms and legs” period.

    I, for one, would be very interested in hearing about the issues, struggles, lessons learned, etc. of Wazaroff’s “implementation” phase.

  4. Heya Doug! Will do. I’ll try and bang something out this week, stay tuned!

  5. Hi William,

    I would be interested in hearing what you implemented for social networking and what benefits you are expecting from implementing this!

    Just to add an additional prod and support Tiven in his interest!

  6. Actually I’d be interested to know more about internal social networking. What functionality is available to your employees, what system(s) were implemented, and how has it been adopted? I think there are many organizations considering this effort, so I’d be curious to know how the results at Vancity if you’re up for sharing 🙂

  7. Thanks Tiven. Yeah, considering what a huge effort it was I’m surprised by how little I’ve blogged about it. I guess I mostly blog about external things to reduce giving away any state secrets, so to speak.

    Let me write up something this week, thanks for the prod!

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