Let the games begin.

So the Olympics start tomorrow here in Vancouver. I gotta admit, if I had lived here when the vote took place to approve the olympic bid, I would have voted against it (we were living in LA at the time). I just wasn’t that into it.

Then I became complacent, I was resigned to the massive spending, and just hoped for the best.

But then in the last few months buildings started opening, the new SkyTrain line opened, the excitement started building and I became much more optimistic.

When I found out a couple of weeks back that the torch would pass right near our place, like four houses down at our nearest street corner from where we live on the flame’s way to opening ceremonies, my excitement increased.

Now, wandering around town, everything is ready. My work is across the street from Olympic Village and the Russian pavillion for the Sochi 2014 winter games. Our home is not far from the stadium where opening ceremonies take place. My life is right in the thick of things, and it’s pretty cool.

Because Vancity is a slang term for Vancouver, and I monitor what people blog and tweet about Vancity, I get to see where Apolo Ono is hanging out and how much he loves my hometown.

I’ll take pictures of the torch passing near my place tomorrow and take some photos from the Vancity head office roof and post them.

Let the games begin…

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