Join me on Monday for a Liquid Lunch…

On Monday, January 4th at 10am PT (1pm ET) I’ll be hosting the CU Water Cooler Liquid Lunch program. This is a free show with a rotating host, and I’m up next.

My guest will be Ed Brett, who is the Manager, Ecommerce Channel at Westminster Savings Credit Union here in the Metro Vancouver area. We’ll be talking about 2010, the opportunities, the challenges, the things we’re happy to leave behind and the things we’re excited to dig into.

You can call us at 917-889-7767 and join the conversation once the show begins. Talk to you then…

UPDATE: You can listen to the archive of episode #6 here:

2 thoughts on “Join me on Monday for a Liquid Lunch…

  1. Matt, the Credit Union Warrior

    I really enjoyed this episode. Also great to finally "get to know" Ed a little bit as well. Thanks for doing this!

  2. Ed Brett is someone worth knowing. Thanks for guiding me through it, Matt.

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