See what’s bubbling up on the CU Water Cooler.

One of my fellow credit union bloggers, Matt Davis (otherwise known as the Credit Union Warrior) recently approached me with the idea of a site where 12 credit union champions would surface relevant, inspiring and forward-looking online content for the rest of the CU world. It was an intriguing concept and I was truly honoured to be among the initial people he approached.

Well give the guy like 10 days and he’s gone from running the idea past us to launching the damn thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the CU Water Cooler, bubbling up the best credit union content.

The site is simple. The 12 editors each tag content on delicious, and the site aggregates it all together. There will also be blog posts and radio shows, where we touch on issues affecting credit unions. Matt’s initial post sums it all up way better than I ever could.

Major kudos to Matt for making this happen. I can see this is the start of amazing things Matt will do now that he’s
joined Filene to help credit unions across the globe learn about, implement, and create financial services innovations. Pretty cool stuff.

Check it out, bookmark it, follow it on Twitter, subscribe to the feed and join in the conversation.

PS: Sorry it’s been two whopping months since my last post. I blame it on lots of activity, both professional and personal. Leave a comment to let me know you’re still reading…

2 thoughts on “See what’s bubbling up on the CU Water Cooler.

  1. Matt, I am amazed at how quickly you put the site together. Herding cats never looked so easy!

  2. Matt, the Credit Union Warrior

    I'm so glad you agreed to be a part of this site! Too much great content is being missed because it can't wade through the clutter. The assembly of editors we have put together, I am confident, will uncover that content.

    Thanks for your help – this is exciting!

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