Tim McAlpine’s 30 things.

My friend Tim has decided to create an advent calendar in September for credit unions.

Every day he is publishing one thing for credit union leaders to ponder or implement. Here’s how he puts it:

Since September has 30 days, I am going to present 30 things that I would implement or consider implementing at my credit union if I was a credit union leader.

I have been remiss in commenting much on his blog lately, but this series has brought me back. So many good ideas, so much good dialogue amongst his commenters.

What is striking to me is the diversity of information he presents. Here’s a sample:

You can see all his different posts here.

Thanks Tim!

And it’s worth pointing out that Tim is one my partners in crime in planning BarCampBankBC2. Join in the conversation by coming down to join us.

One thought on “Tim McAlpine’s 30 things.

  1. Thanks William. This week took me off track, but I am making my way back to one a day!

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