First impressions of Bologna

It is truly lovely here. The city is dense but seems very livable. Last night three of us went out for a drink after dinner, and the streets were bustling, people were out drinking and socializing. But unlike at home, where at midnight the only people out would be young people, often getting rowdy and obnoxious and drunk, people of all ages were out to enjoy each other’s company. It felt more like community, rather than older people in their homes and the night owned by the young and inexperienced.

My flight over was uneventful, and I stayed up well past the point of exhaustion to make the leap to Italian time. Last I slept 10 hours and feel great today.

I wandered the streets for a bunch, having slept past the informal meeting time this morning. The agenda today doesn’t start until 3pm, when we get a debrief and a walking tour of parts of the city.

I have included some photos below from my first evening and morning.

8 thoughts on “First impressions of Bologna

  1. Wonderful photos. I am so happy for you! What an adventure. Keep posting photos!

  2. Thanks Shari! I will, don't worry!

  3. Great photos! I hope you can keep sharing your impressions and photos so that I can be an armchair visitor, too. Enjoy!

  4. "What about pictures of your own self? Where's the gelato?"
    – Ivan

  5. Heather Harmse

    Stunning pics William! Do they still have siesta in Italy – that's something worth getting used to. Italians sure know how to live life to the max – don't they?! Magic! Enjoy – we'll be following on insite :)HH

  6. Thanks all. I'll try and make another post tomorrow. Lots of ideas swirling around. Hardest part: learning economics on jetlag. Whee!

  7. Thanks for sharing William. Will be most interesting to hear what you bring back!

  8. Thanks Doug!

    Ivan, I miss you, and will get some photos of me soon!

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