Speaking at BC AIM in December.

British Columbia Association of Integrated MarketersI was asked by my friend Clayton Mitchell to speak at an upcoming luncheon presented by BC AIM (the BC Association of Integrated Marketers). I was happy to agree.

My subject, well known to regular readers of my blog, is called Do Well By Doing Good. Here’s the description:

Increasing community engagement and leading on key social and environmental issues can improve your brand and your business. Trust and accountability are two key drivers of success, and are directly impacted by demonstrating a commitment to shared values.

  • Good corporate citizenship increases transparency, accountability and trust
  • Improves ability to leverage social media
  • Creates a deeper connection with customers and prospects

He asked me what is the one thing I want people to take away from my presentation, and here’s what I said:

Knowing who you are as a company and integrating that across all media allows for unique opportunities to express and share your brand.

If you’re in Vancouver on December 11th, come on down.

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