Using Social Media To Enhance The Business Strategies You Already Have

Net.Finance EastOn Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be at Net.Finance East in New York. In addition to my presentation, Do Well By Doing Good, I’ve been asked to host one of their iMIX Roundtable discussions called Using Social Media To Enhance The Business Strategies You Already Have.

In it I want to explore something with the conference attendees I’ve been thinking about more and more: Do companies, let alone FIs, really need a social media strategy?

I’ve gone from working with my team on an Online Strategy and a Social Media strategy to wondering if we’re just adding to the clutter. Will people read more strategies in your company? Doesn’t a separate strategy frame these valuable vehicles for business transformation and advancement in the wrong way, as separate from your core business?

So now I’m thinking about weaving social media and online planning into our core business strategies. This would involve engaging people from around the company in creating a common understanding of the purpose of social media to move our business strategies forward.

So in my session, I want to examine how we can best embed social media into our regular work, adding it as another tool in our toolbox.

If you’ll be at Net.Finance East, I look forward to discussing this with you.

PS: Ron Shevlin, if you’re reading this, I assume you’ll agree.

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