BCBBC08: Our Future Customer.

BarCampBankBCWhat will a future customer wants from their FI. How will they learn financial savvyness.

Will they just go with the FI that has a relationship with the university they attend?

What are the ways CUs can bring the concept of membership to life in a new way.

What is the banking equivalent of the Starbucks concept of customization? To offer different bundles, options and levers people can swap to come up with something to move them forward, and change as they move through lifestages.

What will the needs of the future generation be? Maybe they won’t want big mortgages, but might want more travel. Everything’s done via cell phone.

Sense and respond marketing. What are people asking for, what are they actually doing, and how do we react instantly.

How can people harness their internal wisdom of crowds to understand customer patterns and better meet their needs.

Imagine a Twitter like field inside Online Banking so FIs can get casual feedback on what customers are thinking. Then create a tagcloud so everyone can see what the general mood and thoughts of the customer base is…

The root is: We’re listening to you. That might be through data anlysis, feedback mechanisms, transparent servicing, authentic customer support sometimes publically.

As FIs, we need to be where our members are, and not bring them to where we are. Show up on Twitter and not create our own mechanism.

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