It’s all about me…

In front of the Mendenhall GlacierTwo cool things happened to me today that I want to tell you about.

The first thing is that I gave my presentation to the Internet Marketing Conference, which is happening today and tomorrow in Vancouver. It was only a 25 minute slot, which is short, but I delivered it in about 15 minutes, so we had time for some good questions. I usually like longer slots to get into more details, but it was fun to give a short, tight presentation instead.

A couple of people blogged it, which is a first for me, I think.

Miss 604 live blogged it, which I appreciate. And one of the sponsors, Techvibes summed it up nicely.

The second thing is that my friend TJ McCue published an interview he did with me. I’ve known TJ for about a year, and we met… um… hey TJ, how did we first meet? Anyway, I admire TJ for his smarts and entrepreneurial spirit. He’s always got something cooking, and it’s usually pretty interesting. He blogs on the Dun & Bradstreet content portal called He ran an article called Why Bother with Blogging or Social Media. It’s a good piece, and may be part one of two.

Enjoy, and thanks for this indulgence…

NOTE: Here’s part two, it’s called Why Bother with Blogging or Social Media, part two

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