My Net.Finance results.

Net.Finance 2008I received my scores this week from Net.Finance. These are the accumulated scores I received from the people at my presentation on April 14th.

Highest possible score: 5
Content: 4.4
Presentation: 4.7


  • Great presentation
  • Excellent concept, illustrative presentation, thought provoking
  • Very interesting. Would have liked a bit more info on how they built this channel
  • Great insight into social marketing
  • Great presentation, just a little fast at times

I’m really pleased, because it means people liked both my content and my presentation style (although I was called out for speaking too quickly, to which I plead guilty).

I now have results from three Net.Finance presentations: this year’s, last year’s and this past January’s Online Innovation conference.

Just as a point of reference, my scores from last year’s Net.Finance were:
Content rating: 4.72
Presentation style rating: 4.61

My results from Online Innovations were:
Content Rating: 4.5
Presentation Style Rating: 4.67

It’s nice that my results are fairly consistent, and people seem to like what I’ve been serving up. I look forward to the myriad of conferences that lie ahead for me this year.

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