Off to Net.Finance.

Online Innovations in Financial Services MarketingOn Tuesday I fly to New York for a couple of days to attend and speak at Net.Finance’s Online Innovations in Financial Services Marketing conference. This is an extension of their main conference which occurs every April in Arizona.

Last year the final day was focused on innovations in the financial services industry, and included an excellent set of speakers and presentations. I spoke about, why Vancity did it and what we get out of it.
Next week I will be doing a brand new presentation about responding to bloggers. I have been delivering the presentation internally, getting some incredible feedback, and am excited to deliver it in New York.
I’m particularly keen to see some terrific people, including Shari Storm (who always speaks right before me), Michael Seaton, Jurie Pieterse, Jason Knight and Jim Bruene.
I have been to the last two Net.Finance conferences, and find them to be valuable sources of information and incredible networking opportunities. This April’s conference looks like an outstanding line-up. I am delivering a presentation about FIs and social responsibility. It’s a big topic, and frankly I’m a little nervous as I begin to plan out what I want to cover.
So let me know if you’ll be at either of these two conferences, and if you are there, please make sure we connect in person.

TWO QUICK UPDATES: One, I’m so excited that my friend Trey Reeme will also be there. And I’ll try and blog the conference each night. No promises though!

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