Net.Finance Day One

It was a good kickoff today at Net.Finance. This was the Customer Acquisition and Cross Selling Summit, an optional first day to the conference. I gotta say, so far it doesn’t seem quite as strong as last year, but some great highlights.

It’s a tad early to say, but people seem to be buzzing about social media. There have been a few questions from the crowd, some comments in presentations about blogging, YouTube, Facebook, social networking, etc…

Emily Edwards, SVP of Online Sales Marketing at Bank of America was talking about Bank of America’s plans in the social media space, and she asked of her company “How do we start to give up control without giving up complete control?” I thought it was great to hear a big bank talk like that. People seem to get the new world of marketing where companies don’t control the message, and have to operate with a greater level of transparency to increase trust among the network of people who are talking about your company and brand online.

It’s nice to reconnect with some great people I met last year and meet some new folks, including Shari Storm from Verity Credit Union in my old stomping ground of Seattle. Also nice to meet some Canadians who make up a sizable group here, including Michael Seaton from Scotiabank, who was recently in a panel in Toronto with Rob Cottingham from Social Signal.

Looking forward to tomorrow, and hopefully meeting Colin Henderson.

I am excited to give my presentation. I think it will create some good dialogue, because it’s so far removed from anything anyone else is doing.

I discovered today that I can’t do math. This whole time I thought I had 45 minutes, but if I had added the minutes on the schedule together, I only have 35 minutes. Ugh. I’ll move fast and hope we have some time for discussion. I really don’t want to cut anything out, I feel it’s a strong presentation as-is.

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