On April 19th I’ll be talking about at Net.Finance. I’m pretty excited about my presentation, and am ready to go. This week I had two practice runs, one for our agencies TBWA and Social Signal, who created, the other at Credit Union Central of BC. I received great feedback which has made my presentation better.

Net Finance is a conference at the intersection of eBusiness and the world of financial institutions. It would have been hard for me to believe a few years back that this would have gotten me excited, and yet here I am raring to go. I am speaking on the “Financial Services Innovation Forum” day.

I think my presentation really tells the story of as a form of social marketing – as engagement rather than traditional marketing. I hope I capture how this came about, why we did it, and how the site has been a success. I’ll blog after the presentation, and if I can, throughout the conference about what I’m learning. Between me and Colin, we should sum it up pretty well.

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