Web job open at BC Hydro.

In these economically turbulent times, as I come across interesting jobs, I’ll post them. You’re welcome.

When I worked at TELUS, I knew of a guy there named Michael Newland. We never worked directly with each other, but were in a couple of meetings together. We both did web stuff, but in totally different areas.

And then a couple of years back, I started hearing about Michael Newland at BC Hydro. Michael Newland, Michael Newland, it seemed like everyone was talking about him. He was doing interesting social media stuff, he was someone I should totally meet, we would totally hit off. Yeah yeah.

And then finally, a few months back I gave in and contacted him to see what we could share and learn from each other. After a couple of false starts, one of which had me waiting in the cold at a street corner for half an hour (gotta rub it in, Michael), we finally met. And it was great! Michael is super smart and we share a lot of the same values and priorities. It was totally invigorating meeting with him, and I look forward to learning a ton from him, and sharing what I can back to him.

Why do I mention all of this? Because you might be lucky enough to work with this guy. He emailed me today about a great opportunity working with him at Hydro. If you apply, let him know you saw it on my blog (NOTE: I don’t get anything for that, except a build up of goodwill). Here’s his note, and good luck…

We are looking for a Manager, Digital Communications Delivery and Operations.

This role manages a web production and operations team responsible for the customer experience across both external and internal web and mobile entities. The team is comprised of staff and consultants across a broad array of skill sets ranging from visual, interactive and technical design to content management. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience and expertise:

– leading and managing teams with cross-functional skills in a corporate web environment;
– connecting cross-program initiatives, suggesting creative modifications, and recommending alternatives;
– communicating and setting expectations with a diverse set of stakeholders;
– developing work load forecasting and projections using production analytics;
– managing project timelines and budgets; coordinating / facilitating cross functional teams
– ten years experience in large-scale online environments;
– university degree in a related field (undergraduate business degree or MBA preferred)

If interested, or know of someone that is, please submit your interest at bchydro.com/careers (job number 599219). The posting closes on April 8th.

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