BCBBC08: Can FIs Have a Heart?

BarCampBankBCWhat value is there in community activities, and where should we be focusing our efforts?

Should people trust a CU more than a bank just because its community oriented? We answer to members not stockholders. We’re a co-operative. Banks have shareholders that have to derive a profit.

Does that message get across to our members?

People can love their bank. The attitude and heart people put into their jobs translate into customer engagement.

First Direct is the most referred bank in the world, and it comes from great customer service. The people make the experience. If your employee experience is excellent, customer service will be good and customers will be happy and loyal.

In theory, CUs are a step closer to their customers/owners than banks. In reality, it doesn’t always translate.

Banking is a commodity.

Banks throw more money at the community thaqn CUs can, but the perception is that CUs are more engaged in the issues.

Can an FI increase relevance with specific segments? Are we one size fits all with segmented marketing programs. If we were starting a bank today, we would model the brand on some segment specifically, and choose a market niche.

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