Day 1 at Net.Finance.

Net.Finance 2008Today was a good day. I’m too tired to write much. I was extremely pleased with the way my presentation went. The hard work paid off.

If you’re looking for good Net.Finance coverage, my peer at Westminster Savings Credit Union is partially live-blogging. Meet the fantastic Ed Brett and his Small FI Blog.

Oh, and how did I miss that Michigan First Credit Union started a blog? It’s all about their community engagement, and is called MI Community Space. Did you all know that? I met James Anderson at Net.Finance last year, and spoke with him again today. A highly impressive individual.

Also, check out Rob Cottingham’s latest cartoon with a reference to our Webby Nomination.

A whole ‘nother level of online community.

I love Open Source software. The self-organizing of people to collaboratively create something they feel is worthwhile is an amazing model.

I’ve written a lot about here, but I have never written much about Drupal, the platform CE was developed on. This week we launched a small bit of new functionality to the ChangeEverything community called nudge. It’s a fairly simple application:

…you use it to tell the creator of a change or the writer of a blog post that you’re inspired by what they’re doing… and you want to hear more. Click it, and instantly sends that person an email – including, if you want, a personal message from you.

But the thing I love most about it is that when we wanted to add this feature to the site, there wasn’t a module available that did this. So after custom-developing “nudge” for the CE community, we released it free to the world as a module for any Drupal site.

Now that’s community!

UPDATE: Here’s a post on the subject from Social Signal. is a 2007 Digital Marketing Award winner.

2007 Digital Marketing Awards
I am so pleased to learn that won a Certificate at the 2007 Digital Marketing Awards in the category of Website: Financial services.

The category is described as “Any site designed to promote banks, trusts, co-ops, investment brands, insurance, etc.”

The awards as a whole are described this way:

The Digital Marketing Awards represents the best of interactive marketing in Canada. The awards are produced by Marketing magazine, and judged by the industry. The mandate of the DMAs is to inspire many by rewarding few. Those few will be chosen for their innovation and creativity, and for leveraging the interactive environment to it’s full potential.

The jury is impressive, and includes my friend Michael Seaton.

It’s so nice to see doing good things in the community, while getting recognized by the industry. Feels good.