Banking on values.

I’m at YVR, waiting for a flight to Copenhagen. I’m going to a meeting of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, a group of 24 banks, credit unions, microfinance organizations and other financial institutions dedicated to a sustainable banking model. These organizations have a “shared commitment to find global solutions to international problems – and to promote a positive, viable alternative to the current financial system.”
Global Alliance for Banking on Values

We’re meeting in Copenhagen, hosted by Merkur Cooperative Bank, to discuss how to better convey to consumers what a values-based banking model and approach is all about. How do we get people to include thinking about what their money is invested in while it’s parked at the bank as one of their decision factors when choosing a financial institution – in addition to rates, location, brand, etc…

It’ll be an intense few days of meetings and visiting Merkur’s clients who are working to create a more sustainable, equitable society. I’m excited and a little nervous about it. I am looking forward to meeting new colleagues from around the world who share a vision of addressing society’s problems through the tools of banking. And, of course, I’m honoured to be representing Vancity, as always.

I’ll blog while there if I have anything interesting to say, and I’ll also be taking photos on Instagram.