See ya at the Symposium!

Partnership SymposiumI’m leaving tomorrow morning for the Partnership Symposium. I’ve been excited about this conference since I missed it last year. Many of my favourite CUers said it was a highlight of the year.

The agenda is amazing and contains some of the best speakers in CU-land. After what happened today in US politics and the global markets, it’ll be very interesting to be at a credit union conference. For me, it’s a very strange time to be in the FI world.

I’m delivering the keynote on the second day. My presentation is called Engaging with the Social Economy, and I’ll be speaking about how Vancity creates community in the areas where we operate.

I’ve never been to Indiana before, but it looks like I’m flying in, doing the conference and flying out, no time for a real visit.

Well, if you’ll be there make sure to say hello!

Ready and raring to present.

I spent a big chunk of this past weekend creating my presentations for both Net.Finance 2008 and CUES Experience.

Net.Finance 2008It’s funny to look back at my initial presentation from last year’s Net.Finance about It was so full of words and clunky. I am relying mostly on images and my own storytelling now to get the message across. It’s a big evolution, and I’m excited to see how it will go over.

My talk at Net.Finance will be Corporate Social Responsibility As Key Differentiator, which may be like speaking socialism to a room full of bankers. Hopefully I can at least make it funny and entertaining. I am pulling data from our experience at Vancity as a community-driven organization, proving the model that social marketing can break through the clutter, epsecially in our heavily commoditized industry.

CUES ExperienceAt CUES my talk is called Credit Unions and Social Media: A Case Study, and will cover a lot of the same ground, but deal a lot more with social media and go into more detail around how works. I have the luxury of a 75 minute session, which is by far the longest talk I have given. It’ll be nice not to be pressed for time, and be able to engage in a discussion throughout, rather than at the end, time permitting.

Partnership Symposium 2008I’ll take what I learn from them to shape my end of the year keynote at the Partnership Symposium 2008. I’m really excited about it. My talk is called Engaging with the Social Economy, and I’m just starting to wrap my head around what I’ll cover. It will deal with how credit unions are uniquely positioned to use the banking platform to make our society a better and more equitable place.

Please let me know if you’ll be at any of these events. I look forward to seeing you there.