Can you help me with nicer graphs?

I don’t like Microsoft products. There I said it, and hopefully you’re not offended.

For an upcoming presentation I want to create some charts and graphs nicer than anything Excel can spit out. And I don’t have Keynote, which is probably the solution I should be looking at. In the meantime though, are there any good web 2.0 offerings that allow you to input data and create nice looking charts and graphs?

If you do, please comment here with the URLs or email me at william [at] azaroff [dot] com.

Many thanks in advance…

My scores at Net.Finance

Online Innovations in Financial Services MarketingI was so pleased to get the audience’s rating of my presentation at Net.Finance’s recent Online Innovations in Financial Services Marketing conference in New York.

Highest Possible Score: 5.0

Content Rating: 4.5
Presentation Style Rating: 4.67

Very engaging
I like his presentation

It makes me very pleased that my content resonated with people, and that I delivered it in a way people responded to. Okay, enough horn tooting… for now.

Recap of Net.Finance on NetBanker.

Discovering the Social Economy at Net.FinanceI wrote a recap on NetBanker of what happened at last week’s Online Innovations in Financial Services Marketing conference that Net.Finance held in New York. It was an excellent conference, full of great presentations from some of the companies pushing the boundaries in the Financial Services sector.

The big surprise for me was the number of speakers who spoke of the Social Economy. Any reader of my blog will know that this is a new big topic for me.

And that is the lens through which I wrote my recap on NetBanker, Discovering the Social Economy at Net.Finance.

As always, all of my NetBanker posts can be found at

Please comment there to further the conversation.

May I introduce you to a Banker With Balls?

My friend and conference colleague Jurie Pieterse, who is Head of Marketing Communications at ING Direct (US) has started a blog called Banker With Balls.

Here’s how he describes the name in his inaugural post:

“With balls” – other than to infer some gutsiness – is a reference to where I work at the bank who loves orange balls: ING DIRECT… I’ll try to keep it balanced, but remember that I am passionate about my marketing work for ING DIRECT so that will likely come through.

I look forward to reading Jurie’s musings and opinions about marketing for a big, but untraditional FI. Having had the privilege of hearing him speak at two conferences, including the current Net.Finance where I’m writing this from, he has enough experience to be someone I can really learn from.

And here’s a link to his feed.

Off to Net.Finance.

Online Innovations in Financial Services MarketingOn Tuesday I fly to New York for a couple of days to attend and speak at Net.Finance’s Online Innovations in Financial Services Marketing conference. This is an extension of their main conference which occurs every April in Arizona.

Last year the final day was focused on innovations in the financial services industry, and included an excellent set of speakers and presentations. I spoke about, why Vancity did it and what we get out of it.
Next week I will be doing a brand new presentation about responding to bloggers. I have been delivering the presentation internally, getting some incredible feedback, and am excited to deliver it in New York.
I’m particularly keen to see some terrific people, including Shari Storm (who always speaks right before me), Michael Seaton, Jurie Pieterse, Jason Knight and Jim Bruene.
I have been to the last two Net.Finance conferences, and find them to be valuable sources of information and incredible networking opportunities. This April’s conference looks like an outstanding line-up. I am delivering a presentation about FIs and social responsibility. It’s a big topic, and frankly I’m a little nervous as I begin to plan out what I want to cover.
So let me know if you’ll be at either of these two conferences, and if you are there, please make sure we connect in person.

TWO QUICK UPDATES: One, I’m so excited that my friend Trey Reeme will also be there. And I’ll try and blog the conference each night. No promises though!