IOU Central is Canada’s first social lending platform.

IOU CentralFor all my interest and excitement about social lending, I have not been able to use a social lending platform because there wasn’t one available in Canada. Then, this morning, I read on NetBanker that IOU Central has launched, making them first out of the gate for Canadians.

I had heard that there was a group in Quebec working on this, but I had assumed my friend Colin Henderson would be first out to market with CommunityLend, which is launching early this year.

I’ll give IOU Central a try and report what I find. As I’ve written before, my main question, one that is about to be answered, is: will Canadians who love to hate their five main national banks engage in social lending, or will we complain but stay put?

Interesting times…

Recap of Net.Finance on NetBanker.

Discovering the Social Economy at Net.FinanceI wrote a recap on NetBanker of what happened at last week’s Online Innovations in Financial Services Marketing conference that Net.Finance held in New York. It was an excellent conference, full of great presentations from some of the companies pushing the boundaries in the Financial Services sector.

The big surprise for me was the number of speakers who spoke of the Social Economy. Any reader of my blog will know that this is a new big topic for me.

And that is the lens through which I wrote my recap on NetBanker, Discovering the Social Economy at Net.Finance.

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Touring Stagecoach Island on NetBanker.

Stagecoach IslandIt’s been a while since I posted anything new on NetBanker. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to write about next, and then Ed Terpening, VP of Social Media Marketing at Wells Fargo invited me and a few other bloggers (including one of my favourites, Ron Shevlin) to tour Stagecoach Island, their own Second Life-like virtual world.

This tour became the fodder for my newest NetBanker post, entitled A Virtual Tour of Wells Fargo’s Stagecoach Island. In my post I examine what SI is, what it does for Wells, and where some future opportunities may lie.

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