A new partner for Vancity.

I was fortunate enough to be on the selection committee for a new agency of record for Vancity. We have a wealth of very good agencies here in Vancouver and Vancity wanted to ensure that we have the right partner to help us move forward towards our vision of Redefining Wealth.

Vancity 2009 Annual ReportRedefining Wealth is our vision of growing wealth for our members in a way that directly benefits our communities. We have only started communicating it publicly, and the first place it shows up is in our new Annual Report. The title is obviously provocative, intended to get members questioning what we’re doing and reading on to discover what Vancity’s doing for the “wealthy”.

As we embark on this journey, we met with many agencies in Vancouver, some very large and some very small. It was a great process, helped by a consulting firm, Reynolds & Fyshe. Dan and Mike (Reynolds & Fyshe) helped us steer a transparent, fair, thorough selection process that focused mostly on fit. This was not a beauty pageant where agencies simply wowed us with some superlative work (although we did get to see lots of great work), but a process evaluating our DNA to ensure we found a real partner in our mission.

In the end, we were very excited to discover our amazing fit with local agency, Wasserman + Partners. They demonstrated amazing knowledge of our brand and alignment with our vision. Their work resonated with us, they asked profoundly good and tough questions and have demonstrated real business results with their other clients. It doesn’t hurt that they are a member of our credit union and have been since they launched. They show a deep understanding of iconic local brands, and Vancity is an important player in that field.

I know W+P from their work on the province-wide projects they do on behalf of all BC-based credit unions (see their TV ads). They have been the agency for Credit Unions of BC for over ten years, and their knowledge of this sector is a real plus. I have seen their work get stronger and stronger and the results of their work break through barriers identified as chief obstacles to increasing credit union membership. I have seen the early results of their upcoming campaign, and it is truly impressive.

So, a new chapter opens in the storied history of Vancity. I feel very fortunate to be able to play a role in all of this, and am excited to roll up my sleeves and work with our new partner, Wasserman + Partners.

PS: Here’s Vancity’s press release on the announcement, and Wasserman’s blog post.

Supporting not for profits this holiday.

Vancity Holiday eCardsA few days ago, I wrote about my growing fondness for the Vancity Community Foundation. Well, today we get to share that love with our members and staff with the launch of our Vancity Holiday eCards.

Each one sent adds $1 to a donation pool at the Foundation, and senders can decide whether they want to support enterprising nonprofits, housing and homelessness or food security. It’s all contained here on a description page on ChangeEverything.ca.

I hope it’ll be an engaging way for people to connect over the holidays while supporting local issues.

Selfishly, it’s nice to see our main website and ChangeEverything.ca work together. For me, it’s putting together the pieces we already have to work harder together.

Props to
Mary-Jo Dionne and Currency Marketing for helping to make this happen.

So check out the eCards. Any guesses as to how many days it will take to hit $10,000?

Internet Marketing Conference coming back to Vancouver in September.

Internet Marketing Conference - Vancouver, Canada - September 16-18, 2009I have taken 2009 off from presenting at conferences, and it’s been a good decision. I’ve really enjoyed being able to focus on work and family here in Vancouver.

But I am making one exception.

The Internet Marketing Conference is coming back to Vancouver September 16-18, 2009 at the Four Seasons Hotel. Last year’s was a great event, and this year I’m speaking on a panel entitled Social Media for Business.

The panel is described as so:

Social media is the new hot thing. It’s a great way for consumers to share their opinions and interact with leading brands. But how does social media fit in the B2B/B2C environment? Panelists will discuss how they use social media for their clients as well as their own businesses.

A couple of my fellow panelists are the same as my fellow panelists from last year (which is good thing).

The panel includes:
JP Holecka, Powershifter Media
Christopher Berry, Critical Mass
Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Tactical Execution
Warren Sukernek, Radian6 ( who will be moderator)

You can register now.

Are you a financial services marketer in Vancouver?

Back in September at BarCampBankBC I met a man named David Cesarini. David is truly interested in financial services marketing, and after BCBBC he and I met up and I enjoyed chatting with him a lot.

Now I see that he has organized The Vancouver Financial Services Marketing Meetup Group. Sounds interesting (if you’re an FI marketing geek, that is), so spread the word.

The first Vancouver Financial Services Marketing March Meetup will take place on:
Wednesday, March 25th at 6:30pm
At the Dulcinea Chocolate Cafe
1118 Denman Street (map below)

I’m going to try and be there, so let me know if you are planning on going!

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Speaking at BC AIM in December.

British Columbia Association of Integrated MarketersI was asked by my friend Clayton Mitchell to speak at an upcoming luncheon presented by BC AIM (the BC Association of Integrated Marketers). I was happy to agree.

My subject, well known to regular readers of my blog, is called Do Well By Doing Good. Here’s the description:

Increasing community engagement and leading on key social and environmental issues can improve your brand and your business. Trust and accountability are two key drivers of success, and are directly impacted by demonstrating a commitment to shared values.

  • Good corporate citizenship increases transparency, accountability and trust
  • Improves ability to leverage social media
  • Creates a deeper connection with customers and prospects

He asked me what is the one thing I want people to take away from my presentation, and here’s what I said:

Knowing who you are as a company and integrating that across all media allows for unique opportunities to express and share your brand.

If you’re in Vancouver on December 11th, come on down.