For credit union employees on LinkedIn.

I’ll be honest with you, I am not quite sure what to do with LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn started this service a little while back, and I thought it would be cool to create a group for all credit union employees on LinkedIn. But then I wondered if I was the right person to create such a group.

So I passed the idea to my friend and EverythingCU marvel, Morriss Partee. Morriss went ahead and started the group.

I’m not sure where it will go, but if you’re a CU staff member who uses LinkedIn, go ahead and invite yourself to this group and let’s see what develops.

And if anyone has any thoughts as to where it can evolve, let Morriss or myself know (and if anyone wants to create a little icon for the group, that would cool too!).

UPDATE: To join the group, click here.

Credit Union Innovators.

I was honoured to be included in EverythingCU’s list of Credit Union Innovators this week. Morriss Partee, whom I met at the Washington Credit Union League Annual Conference, compiled the list.

The list includes many of my favourite industry blogs, including:
CUES Skybox
Filene Research Institute
OpenSource CU
NetBanker – Jim Bruene
Marketing ROI – Ron Shevlin
True Stories – Doug True
Life and Times of a CU Employee – Robbie Wright
Currency Marketing – Tim McAlpine
Tinfoiling – Gene Blishen
Black Rock Federal – Jesse Robbins

Here is the link to the list’s aggregated RSS feed.

Two great people from the conference in Spokane.

I met some great people at this past week’s Washington Credit Union League’s Annual Conference, and one of them was Matt Vance from Industrial Credit Union in Bellingham, Washington. He had a very neat idea.

Over a beer, Matt was telling a group of us about Industrial CU’s new Seahawks Super Saver Account, in which the weekly annual percentage rate of the savings account is based on the total yardage gained by the Seattle Seahawks in that week’s game.

For example: if the Seahawks gain 300 total net offensive yards in their next game you would earn 3.00% APY. The rate will then reset to the new total net offensive yards the first business day following the next game.

Now, personally, I couldn’t care less about football, but Matt was so into this product and the Seahawks, that his enthusiasm was infectious. Here’s a way to show that his CU is a part of their community and can offer a product to authentically capture local spirit. I thought it was great.

The other great person I met this week was Morriss Partee of EverythingCU. Moriss is great, I’ve followed his blog for some time and it was great to finally meet him. He wrote up a very funny anecdote that Matt shared – the downside of CUs trying to shorten their names down to just the acronym. A dangerous tactic, especially if your name is Industrial Credit Union.