A month ’til BarCampBankBC.

BarCampBankBC registrationI’m starting to get really excited about BarCampBankBC, which is happening the weekend of September 20th here in beautiful Vancouver, BC. It should prove to be an amazing coming-together of some great minds in the world of banking, credit unions, social media, technology, innovation and social responsibility.

With just a month to go, we have 62 people who have signed up on the wiki, but only 30 who have registered and paid. Now 30 is still a pretty decent number, but…

…if you’re thinking of coming to BarCampBankBC, please take a minute to register now!

It’ll make the lives of the three organizers, me, Gene and Tim, a little easier.

Thanks, and see you there!

PS: I’m about to go to Alaska on a cruise with Amy and Ivan (my wife and son), so if I don’t publish comments quickly or at all, please forgive me!

PPS: It’s almost exactly a year since the first North American BarCampBank in Seattle, where so many great relationships and conversations started. A great milestone!

Communicating Social Responsibility in Vancouver.

IABC Communicating Social Responsibility ConferenceFor the past year and a half or so I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at several conferences across North America. Mostly these gigs have focused on either financial services or marketing, and sometimes both.

My topics have evolved, and now have quite a focus on corporate social responsibility. It was not totally intentional, but came out of explaining the context of who Vancity is to my audiences.

A few months back, when I was practising my Net.Finance presentation for my peers, a co-worker Tonya told me about the upcoming International Association of Business Communicators’ Communicating Social Responsibility Conference coming to Vancouver in October.

Long story short, after a brief conversation with the conference organizers, I was honoured to be invited to speak at this conference about triple bottom line marketing. I work at Vancity for very specific reasons, due to its ethical nature, and triple bottom line approach where it focuses on economic, environmental and social factors when determining its success.

My topic is called Corporate social responsibility as a key differentiator. I am excited to see some of the other sessions, including the one by my co-worker Tonya, which is called Does anyone care? Communicating out on Vancity’s accountability report. I am also interested in hearing from James Hoggan and see the session called A new International Standard for Social Responsibility: Global learnings for communicators.

One of the great side benefits of speaking at all of these conferences is getting to attend and having my mind opened by all these world-class presenters. This is one conference that I’m super-excited about.

From Mass To Grass is where it’s at.

CMA Word of MouthLet me start this post by stating that I am, in fact, a reasonably proud Canadian. So now I must confess something to you. I’ve never been to Toronto. Ever. Well, other than the airport a few times. Insane, I know.

So I’m very excited to take my first trip there to speak at the Canadian Marketing Association’s extraordinary From Mass To Grass Word of Mouth Marketing conference.

I’m on a not-for-profit panel called Building Buzz for Good, along with Deborah Kaplan, the Executive Director of Zerofootprint, a renewable energy company. The panel is being moderated by Kate Trgovac a very well known and well respected blogger.

It is being described as so:

Not-for-profits have been organizing and activating grassroots influencers since their first inception. Learn from some of Canada’s top and most innovative non-profit organizations and initiatives on how they build community, activate influencers and build support for their causes. If you are a non-profit or CSR-focused organization, this is a must attend segment.

Check out this funny video promoting the event (hat tip to Michael Seaton for the video):

I’m asking for your vote (and showing you a funny video).

As most of you know, ChangeEverything.ca was nominated for a Webby Award in the Social Networking category. And now I have to ask for a favour. I need you to do two things:

  1. Register on the Webbys site and vote for ChangeEverything.ca in the Social Networking category
  2. Spread the word by sending this video (below) to everyone you know

For you Credit Union folk, spread the word among your staff, and help a CU get a Webby over Facebook. Voting ends May 1st, so time is of the essence!

Thanks in advance for your help!