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Thoughts at xmas.

It ain’t easy making a funny video, and this season I’ve been sent lots of agency produced holiday ecards that invariably fall short (no offense). The ideas always seem better in the office than in the clients’ inbox.

And yet here’s one from The Loomis Agency in Dallas. I don’t know them, but they’ve got a winner here:

Always helps to mix disco lights and sock puppets (and be topical)…

Enjoy and happy xmas.

Twitter down for Hitler.

I have a feeling everyone saw this while I was on vacation last week, but just in case you didn’t…

Twitter down for Hitler:

Credit to Nicholas Deleon and his brother Gabriel from CrunchGear.com.

What if there were no Stop Signs?

Having worked on both sides of the client-agency relationship, I had to laugh at this…

Vancity’s Choose Green videos on YouTube.

A recent Choose Green campaign at Vancity included a series of videos with helpful tips about living a more sustainable lifestyle.

I just put all six videos on YouTube. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Here’s a sample below…

Celebrate Vancity’s carbon neutrality.

Here’s a video from the celebration on Wednesday when Vancity announced it became the first North American financial institution to achieve being carbon neutral.