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Give it away now.

CU Water Cooler
I have a new post on the CU Water Cooler site. It’s about how credit unions can be more strategic when it comes to their community contributions, their donations to organizations doing good work in their communities.

I’m really proud of it, check it out.

A few new impact videos.

At Vancity, we’ve made a few new videos about our community investment work that I want to share.

A couple of months back, I shared our excellent video about the historic Save On Meats in Vancouver. We’ve made a second in that series, about our financing the Sheet Metal Workers Training Centre. Check it out.

We also have a video about an amazing local project, the Vancouver Native Housing Society Skwachays (pronounced Sqwa-chai-z) Healing Lodge, located in downtown Vancouver.

And finally a video called In Search of Space: a Guide to Social Purpose Real Estate. Social purpose real estate is something my team is very focused on. Helping not for profit organizations own their buildings, often by combining forces and sharing space with other like-minded organizations. This can create exciting hubs bringing together organizations with similar missions, like those focused on delivering social services or arts groups.


Telling stories at Vancity.

Vancity 2011 Annual Report
Every year our Annual Report captures who Vancity is with greater clarity. This year’s document, just released, tells our story in a vibrant, holistic way. We moved last year from having a separate Annual Report and Accountability Report, to a single, integrated Annual Report, telling our complete triple bottom line story. It’s well worth reading.

Vancity also produced a video to capture the essence of our Good Money brand promise. The story in the video is emblematic of the kind of work the team I just joined does – developing business opportunities that simultaneously create positive community impact. The video tells the story of the iconic Save On Meats in downtown Vancouver, and how it was saved as an important community resource and asset.

Take a look: