The theme of this story.

I changed my website’s theme this weekend. I heard from a site visitor that my site was flagged by Norton’s as containing malware.

It turns out my old theme hadn’t been updated in a while, and had not kept up with WordPress security upgrades. So someone was able to use a weakness to inject some malicious code.

I apologize for this, and took care of it as soon as I found out. I sincerely hope no one was adversely affected by this oversight.

But it was a good excuse for an upgrade. Hope you like the new (malicious code free) look. I, for one, prefer it…

2 thoughts on “The theme of this story.

  1. Arthur Clyne

    A lot of these free 3rd party theme websites already have malicious code injected in them when you get them.

  2. Hi Arthur. That’s true, thanks.

    In my case, I had used my theme for years without incident, but the designers hadn’t updated it in a long long time, so I think it became a platform for scammers.

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