Telling stories at Vancity.

Vancity 2011 Annual Report
Every year our Annual Report captures who Vancity is with greater clarity. This year’s document, just released, tells our story in a vibrant, holistic way. We moved last year from having a separate Annual Report and Accountability Report, to a single, integrated Annual Report, telling our complete triple bottom line story. It’s well worth reading.

Vancity also produced a video to capture the essence of our Good Money brand promise. The story in the video is emblematic of the kind of work the team I just joined does – developing business opportunities that simultaneously create positive community impact. The video tells the story of the iconic Save On Meats in downtown Vancouver, and how it was saved as an important community resource and asset.

Take a look:


  1. Great video and story. Love it!

  2. wazaroff says:

    Thanks Michael. We’re really proud of it.

  3. Matt Davis says:

    Storytelling at its finest. Bravo.

  4. Tim McAlpine says:

    Fabulous video William. This is such a great story and really shows why Vancity matters.

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